Engage in the process of transformation while moving towards a different future and changing your situation.


Gain confidence in yourself and love yourself into wise choices.


Acquire the tools you need to create and maintain a healthy and gratifying lifestyle.


Learn how to look at life's hardships as helpful feedback to be applied while changing your course.

What Challenges are you facing today?


Whether you are looking for the right person or having challenges in your present relationship, let's work together to create the kind of happy and fulfilling relationship you'd like to experience daily.

Looking for a Career Change

If you've been struggling to get interviews and land a job fast, then let's work together to create a crystal clear vision for the type of job you want, the income level you desire, and what it will take to make it happen FAST.

Divorce Recovery

Going through a divorce is a very difficult and traumatic experience in anyone's life. There will be times when you feel stuck and helpless while experiencing all the different emotions associated with the fear of the unknown. Let's work together to help you navigate through each phase of the processof healing and moving forward.

Time Management

Life is busy...sometimes too busy...juggling all that life throws at us, or not being able to say 'No' and over extending yourself can cause more drama and chaosthan necessary. Setting proper boundaries and communicating those boundarieseffectively can minimize unnecessary stress and increase energy levels. Let's make a plan!

Connection and Motivation

Making a strong connection with a prospective client is important and necessary in order to establish trust. Finding out what your agenda is through asking the right questions is paramount to setting milestones and establishing a time-line to reach goals.

Setting Expectations

Understanding expectations on both sides is essential for the coach and the clientin order to achieve success. Once an agreement has been made you are one step closer to having the relationship you want, the career you've always dreamed of, or more time to do the things most important to you.

Trusted By

Tina was an exemplary manager, allowing me the freedom to be creative in my approach to business development while always available to provide guidance and assistance. Her ability to consistently develop new ways to strategically approach business development directly influenced my pipeline development as I use it today. Tina was also instrumental in setting high expectations for our internal business processes and held me accountable for each step along the way. A great manager, I would not hesitate to recommend Tina to any future employer or client.

Cullen Le Coq

Denver CO

It was a pleasure to work with Tina while I was in major account sales at Oracle. She was very helpful in providing strategic business advice and sales leads. Best wishes, Tina, in your future ventures.

Peter Wolfl

Oracle, Toronto, Canada

Tina did a fantastic job, in her role as business development manager, working in a turbulent and fluid environment. She hired her business development representatives well, managed them well, and delivered on her promises and commitments. The results far exceeded expectations for what her team could accomplish and provided a stabilizing force in otherwise fluid regions and shifting sales leadership.

Mike Mansfield

Washington, DC
And you are determined to make your life be what you want it to be!

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