Growth Begins With Acceptance

Growth Begins With Acceptance

Growth Begins With Acceptance

Refusing to dwell on things beyond your control allows you to move on. So, practice acceptance, and GROW!

Hardship and losses are a natural part of life. Even when you are experiencing sadness and disappointment, you can find something in any situation that can be used to your benefit. Be sure to treat yourself with compassion and take constructive action to get to the other side of where you want to be.

Putting things into perspective is an excellent start. Most conditions are temporary, so experiencing a reversal from the beginning will ensure a happier existence. Allow yourself to think about challenges you have overcome in the past. This should build your confidence for dealing with your current situation.

Search for solutions. Focus on what you can do to enhance your situation. Change your attitude. Look on the bright side and count your blessings. Starting a journal and writing down how you are feeling that day, what is going on in your life that is causing you anxiety, then writing down one positive thing you can get out of the situation, is helpful in restructuring and creating a plan on how you are going to tackle it.

I have learned, through many different experiences, that struggling can make you stronger. Regardless of what the struggle is, whether it is family relationships, health, pet health, finances, finding a job or starting a business, or just struggling through the week, writing down strategies or plans that will help me recover or manage through the situation, has always proven helpful. Engaging in activities that bring me joy, such as, walking through a beautiful park, swimming in the gulf, or walking my dogs, help take my mind off my problems. Doing these types of things help me face the situation with clarity instead of fighting them which, in turn, produces a more peaceful and productive mindset.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is the difference between acceptance and agreement?
  2. What happens when you try to avoid uncomfortable situations and emotions?
  3. How can meditation and mindfulness help you to become more accepting?

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