Are you having a difficult time changing bad habits? Here are some things to consider.

Are you having a difficult time changing bad habits? Here are some things to consider.

Are you having a difficult time changing bad habits? Here are some things to consider.

Changing Bad HabitsChanging bad habits is very important especially if they leave us feeling tired, depressed, cause unneeded stress, or have a negative impact on our relationships. The reason we get into bad habits in the first place is because those behaviors become comfortable to us and are not so easy to give up, even if they are unhealthy for us. And, not all habits are bad… in fact, there are some habits we do daily in order to fuel us into a productive day like eating a healthy breakfast.

Changing Bad Habits

We all have bad habits that we’d like to break. We may have tried in the past, but every time we take a step in the direction of breaking them, it feels like more work than it’s worth. So, your challenge today is instead of making new year’s resolutions, look at your lifestyle and write down all the areas of your life and make a note on how you can make positive changes in each one. Some areas to consider are:

  1. Physical/Health
  2. Financial
  3. Emotional
  4. Mental
  5. Business
  6. Leisure time
  7. Spiritual
  8. Relational

Identify behaviors you can change in each of these areas that you’ve been wanting to but couldn’t find the motivation for. Write down why changing bad habits in these areas would make a good and positive impact on your life. As an example (for each area):

  1. Physical/Health – renewed energy, look better, ultimately feel better about me
    • Get into a regular workout routine
    • Change to a healthier diet
  2. Financial – eliminate stress, more freedom
    • Get out of debt
    • Stop over spending
    • Invest in my future

And so on… you get the picture.

Tips for Successfully Breaking Bad Habits

Go SLOW – bad habits are difficult to give up, so take baby steps. As an example, instead of making a commitment to work out every day for 30 minutes per day, start out five minutes a day with stretches, then slowly increase time every other day.

WRITE it down – this is a way to remind yourself why you’re changing this behavior. When I’m trying to make a change, I journal daily to help me keep track of progress. Journaling is also a good way to gauge if you need additional support, and oftentimes, we do.

Be ACCOUNTABLE – to someone… whether it’s your husband, wife, a friend, your personal coach- ask someone in your life, someone who you trust- to hold you accountable and to be supportive.

Give yourself enough TIME to make the change permanent. Initial research suggests it takes 28 days to change a habit, but I can state from my own personal experience, it can take up to two or three months, sometimes longer depending on the habit.

Don’t beat yourself up if you fall back into the old ways. It’s a reminder we’re human, and it can offer even more clarity on why this habit needs to be changed, as well as additional ideas on what to put in place to ensure the change.

As anything else in life, the more we practice, the better we get; the better we get at something, the better we feel about ourselves.

If you’re ready to make the changes needed to feel healthier, wealthier, and more content with your life, contact me for a free 45-minute Discovery Call where we will discuss your path to a more productive and fulfilling lifestyle.

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