18 Tried and True Tactics for Building Momentum

18 Tried and True Tactics for Building Momentum

Fun Facts for February

1. February means “to cleanse”
2. Groundhog Day is February 2
3. Start planning your garden and shop for seeds now to get the best deals

A Personal Message

“I know when to focus on what’s important to me.”
whats important to me

I live a complete life. A great portion of my daily exploits focuses on the needs of others. I recognize that I am called to be a helping hand, an advisor, a mentor, a coach, but I also know when to step back and focus on what is important to me.

In my family life, I cater to the needs of my husband and two fur babies. They depend on me to provide guidance, support and care, and I take that role seriously.

I also recognize that time for myself is essential.

It’s okay to acknowledge the importance of satisfying my own needs. When I feel like my life is off balance, I know it is time to pull away from current concerns and find my center.

When I feel a desire for renewal, I let my loved ones know that I need a time out. It is great to have a family that understands the need for balance and glad that they’re willing and able to let me take some time for myself.

Today, I commit to having a balanced life, focusing equally on those I’m responsible for and myself. I make time to strengthen my own well-being and renewal, knowing that taking care of myself enables me to be all I can be – for myself and those who depend on me.

18 Tried and True Tactics for Building Momentum

It pays to have the power of momentum on your side whether you’re running a marathon or just trying to finish your sales report on time. See how the laws of physics can help you reach your goals faster.

Make a Start

  1. Take the first step. The kickoff of any project can be the most challenging stage. Give yourself credit for taking the initiative. You’re on your way to fulfilling your vision. Even if you make a mistake, you can learn from it.
  2. Begin early. Use your morning hours wisely. Rack up at least one accomplishment before breakfast. You may sort through your emails or make a detailed action list in record time when interruptions are fewer.
  3. Start strong. Generate multiple leads to fill up your pipeline. For example, if you didn’t generate a qualified lead yesterday, you’ll have several other prospects to follow up with.
  1. Break projects down. Simplify complicated jobs. If you’re putting together a complex system to streamline lead generation, step back, look at the overall goals of what you want to achieve, then start building a project plan with the help of a coach and/or team members.
  2. Gather facts. Avoid delays due to uncertainty. Conduct the necessary research first. Browse online, consult with a team member, or utilize other databases at your disposal. A coach is also a great resource to go to for advice.
  1. Aim for easy wins. Feel like a hero by getting a few simple victories under your belt. It will inspire you to keep striving for more.
  2. Identify obstacles. Similarly, anticipating roadblocks helps you to plan around them. For instance, prior to taking time off make sure all your bases are covered by arranging something with a colleague and set up auto-messaging wherever you can so your prospective clients will know you will get back to them and when.

Keep Moving Ahead

  1. Clarify your goals. It’s easier to advance when you know where you’re going. Be precise about what you want to achieve.
  2. Establish timelines. Target dates are another important element. Stay on track by using a daily/weekly/monthly calendar to schedule the most important agenda items you want to complete.
  3. Hold yourself accountable. Realize that you generate your own energy. Motivation is more reliable when it’s internal.
  4. Build on previous victories. Resist the temptation to rest on your laurels. Get back on the phone immediately after closing one sales call.
  1. Share the glory. Enlist the support of others. You can spur each other on. Momentum is contagious!
  2. Choose meaningful activities. You’re more likely to keep at something when you feel passionate about it. Devote your time to the things you care about.
  3. Tackle irksome tasks promptly. Of course, there’s bound to be grunt work. Try to do the least satisfying tasks of the day first.
  4. Get organized. Build up speed by putting systems in place. You’ll check off routine errands in less time. Organization can be a challenge for some people and this is where a good coach can help.
  1. Schedule downtime. Allow for rest and relaxation. Play with your children or listen to classical music. You’ll return to work with more energy.
  2. Stay fit. Productivity depends on your physical and mental condition. Exercise regularly, eat a nutritious diet, and follow your doctor’s recommendations for any medical conditions you have.
  3. Evaluate your results. Take time to review your achievements and identify areas where you can raise your sights. Find satisfaction in developing your skills and being of service to others. Reward yourself with something nice like a weekend excursion to the mountains or beach or simply reading a good book.

Self Reflection Questions:

1. Do I ever allow myself to get burned out and exhausted?
2. Have I spent enough time reflecting on how to bring balance into my life?
3. How can I make more time for myself?
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