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All About Solutions 2.0 would like to work with you to help solve your business challenges whether it's expanding your business, restructuring, creating more market awareness, ultimately increasing your bottom line. We will also look at the road blocks that are keeping you from moving to the next level and finding balance between your business and personal life.


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Journal Articles

New Journal Article, Building Momentum

by Tina Torregrossa Groves
18 Tried and True Tactics for Building Momentum

Business and Leadership Coaching Benefits

Turn your challenges into triumphs...
make your vision a reality

Identify goals

Setting SMART goals can help you identify where you want to take your business. Developing a business plan with realistic goals is the key to success.

Move past your road blocks

Learn more about how you can improve your relationships with peers and employees by identifying the barriers obstructing you from moving your business forward.

Find the balance between business and life

Understanding balance, setting reasonable boundaries, and managing your time and energy are important in establishing a productive and fulfilling life. Let's work together to make it happen.

Managing your stress

Managing stress can be challenging when you're dealing with constant day to day pressures. Let's work together to put a plan in place designed to minimize stress and increase energy.

Trusted By

Tina was an exemplary manager, allowing me the freedom to be creative in my approach to business development while always available to provide guidance and assistance. Her ability to consistently develop new ways to strategically approach business development directly influenced my pipeline development as I use it today. Tina was also instrumental in setting high expectations for our internal business processes and held me accountable for each step along the way. A great manager, I would not hesitate to recommend Tina to any future employer or client.

Cullen Le Coq

Denver CO

It was a pleasure to work with Tina while I was in major account sales at Oracle. She was very helpful in providing strategic business advice and sales leads. Best wishes, Tina, in your future ventures.

Peter Wolfl

Oracle, Toronto, Canada

Tina did a fantastic job, in her role as business development manager, working in a turbulent and fluid environment. She hired her business development representatives well, managed them well, and delivered on her promises and commitments. The results far exceeded expectations for what her team could accomplish and provided a stabilizing force in otherwise fluid regions and shifting sales leadership.

Mike Mansfield

Washington, DC

I had the pleasure of having Tina Torregrossa on my team when I was a Sales Representative at Oracle. Together, Tina and I had a great deal of success (and fun) chasing Oracle Managed Cloud Services (formerly Oracle OnDemand) opportunities. Tina was organized, energetic and great with customers. I am very proud that she followed her dream, completed her degree and established her own practice. I wish her the best in her new adventure. She is very deserving of your time and attention.

David Trasatti

Regional Manager and employee at Oracle

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