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Learn how to look at life's hardships as helpful feedback to be applied while changing your course.

Tina Torregrossa, MA, ABD

Even in the midst of finishing work on her doctoral degree, Tina still makes time for new clients. She has a real passion for helping people get unstuck, finding right-now, how-to solutions for all kinds of problems, challenges, and just plain messes. She takes her clients beyond problem talk by giving them the tools, tactics, and techniques for navigating through relationships, career, business, grief/loss, and many other life difficulties.

Tina holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with two minors, one in Psychology and one in Religion. She has a Masters of Arts in Psychology, and she is currently working on a doctorate in psychology with an emphasis in organizational leadership and executive coaching and is planning on finishing the doctoral program in early 2017.

With over 19 years of corporate experience in business development working in a Fortune 500 company, Tina has honed her skills in a variety of areas, such as, providing constructive feedback, motivating others, providing well thought out solutions, setting organization and personal goals, and listening attentively to others needs and expectations.

"Your Solutions -- beyond the mediocre... beyond the obvious"


Engage in the process of transformation while moving towards a different future and changing your situation.

Tina Torregrossa, MA, ABD


Gain confidence in yourself and love yourself into wise choices.


Acquire the tools you need to create and maintain a healthy and productive life.

Enrich Your Life. 

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